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Mushrooms キノコ is a visual novel being developed by one man. It's a story about an ancient continent of Lemuria experiencing its last hours. No one knows about the upcoming incident except for a strange 22-year-old girl who - despite this knowledge - seems to have no interest in keeping the world safe.

The basic topics which are gonna be featured are:

Artist/human interactions; Mythological themes; Post-new-age esoterics; Possible world geometries; Mystical experiences; Aliens; Catastrophes; Moral choices; PTSRs; Psychodelics; Immortality; Tall people appearing in dreams; Glowing orbs appearing in dreams; Guys with falcon heads appearing in dreams; Guys who teach you to create stuff with the words appearing in dreams; Astral projections; Possible future scenarios; Quantum mechanics / Special theory relations; The nature of time; The nature of religion; The mystery of 37 being your favorite numeral (OK, this may not be right).

Current version presented is a /void/. You cannot fund the project anymore, and chances of it being developed are close to zero.


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Deleted post

Yeah, it wasn't gonna be anything special, I guess. I was trying to find money to get myself means to finish something, but living in Russia always gets you too existential and hopeless.

There's just a proof of concept, but it's near to impossible to like. But you can try. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/4e5f7a51bd4cc2bd28ed98344aa5734d20180519175644/...